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Jovan Hackley is an award winning media strategist, public speaker, and consultant for national brands and non-profits. His 17 years of work as a social impact storyteller has helped leading organizations reach millions across the U.S.



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Jovan's worked with some of today's leading technology and social impact organizations including...

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Help for Hurricane-Affected Student Loan Borrowers

The Department of Education and some private lenders are offering forbearance to victims of recent hurricanes.

Some lenders, including the Department of Education's student loan service providers, are offering hurricane-affected borrowers forbearance as a short-term form of financial relief. 


Congress must address student loan debt crisis, a national economic drag

Student loan debt is a serious problem in need of meaningful solutions – from education for borrowers about the impact of debt on their financial future, to help repaying their debt faster so they can save for other financial goals. 


Upcoming Hike in Federal Student Loan Interest Rates Causes Concern

It will soon cost more to borrow money for college. Beginning Saturday, federal student loan interest rates will increase by less than 1 percent.

While the hike may seem insignificant, some say it will hurt. For many students, loans are a necessary evil.

Recent Events

Connect with Jovan as he shares on financial wellness, student loans, and more of today's top roadblocks that face companies and workforce. 


Turning Point by
NFP Corp.

Friday, 10.06

Join NFP's consulting, advisory staff and valued partners to share insight, legislative and regulatory trends, best practices and ways the marketplace is evolving to meet the demands of change. Employers will gain timely knowledge on how to better manage their benefit and retirement plans as well as their employees as they take their companies to the next level.

Western Pension & Benefits Council Luncheon

Thursday, 10.10

Today, WP&BC is recognized as the premier educational and professional organization in the western United States for the dynamic field of employee benefits.  With now more than 1,500 and 11 chapters. the Council's purpose is to educate, provide information, and foster sound principles of benefit plan governance within the benefits industry. 



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If you're looking for an experienced speaker to share on student loans, marketing/PR strategy, or applying startup best practices to any industry/environment, email me so we can chat. 

“Words create the connections that matter most...”

— Jovan