The New Opportunity

Honestly, when I opened docs this morning, it was to try to craftily announce that I’ve taken on a new challenge and a new role. What really happened, was a series of blog posts about the path to this point. I’ve been fortunate to experience a lot of amazing at this point in my career and have always said that I’d one day tell the story.

Maybe there will be a book one day, but for now, there are just a series of lessons and reflections that have shaped me as a professional and a leader. I’m happy to say, they’re finally written down. I’ve scheduled one-a-week and hopefully won’t run out.

As for the new role, connect on LinkedIn for the big news. It’s a major leap for me, but I’m sure if you keep reading you’ll realize it makes a lot of sense.

Happy reading and send me good vibes to see how long we can keep the blogs flowing.

Jovan Hackley